In the canadian sanctions list includes 11 citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine Petersburg diary

Petersburg Dnevnik canadian sanctions list includes 11 Russian citizens and Ukrainebeliki drinkfest Canada has brought in its sanctions list 11 Russians and Ukrainians. This was reported on the website of the canadian Prime Minister. Under the sanctions were: Vice-speaker of the State Duma and the head of the faction “United Russia” Vladimir Vasilyev, Deputy Chairman …Poroshenko and canadian Prime Minister discussed сотрудничествоsiteua.ogoroshena and canadian Prime Minister discussed the increased aid УкраинеGIGAmirУКРАИНА: CANADA-HELP-ПРЕМЬЕРeuronewsВсе related articles: 160 “

Canada introduces new anti-sanctions – Ntgi

NTV.gicanda introduces new anti-sanctions.GiB Friday said the head of the canadian foreign Minister John Baird. The new package of sanctions provides for the introduction of additional restrictions on the export of technologies used in the oil and gas industries. Also Ottawa will expand the number of individuals who will be …and more “

Canada imposes new sanctions against Russia, said the Foreign Ministry of the country –

Bccanada imposes new sanctions against Russia, said the Foreign Ministry страныNEWSru.comcanada imposed new sanctions against Russia. Among them was the restrictive measures on the export of technologies used in the oil and gas industry, writes Reuters. According to the country’s foreign Minister John Baird, who is quoted by the Agency, …Obama has signed the decree on new sanctions: the U.S. announced economic blockade КрымаTorontovka.somse related articles: 88 “

Canada has prepared a new package of sanctions against Russia – FederalPress

Federalprison has prepared a new package of sanctions against Receivedresponse will expand the number of individuals who will be denied entry into the country, and their possible Bank account will be frozen. The new sanctions list includes 11 people, in particular, the Vice-speaker of the state Duma and the head of the faction “United Russia” Vladimir Vasilyev, deputies …

Canada imposed new sanctions against Russia and threatens their extension – Summary of Ukrainian and World News

Canada imposed new sanctions against Russia and threatens their russianjessica Ukrainian and World Novocained introduces additional economic sanctions against Russia.This is stated in the statement of the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, according to “true European”.In particular, the head of the government of Canada announced a ban on entry for 20 Russian and Ukrainian …

CANADIAN KNACKER – – news Canada – news Candycandy ЖИВОДЕР – news КанадыAnimal Killer. Nicolino Camardi – 19-year-old resident of calgary, accused of animal cruelty, pleaded to guilty. Teenager found on the website Kijiji animals, which the owners wanted to build “in good hands”, organized torture, killed them, and then …

Canada will help to improve the access of Ukrainians to justice – Ukrainian national news Agency

Ukrainian national informagentstvami will help to improve the access of Ukrainians to provocateuring national informagentstvo Finance Ministry of foreign Affairs, trade and development Canada on Wednesday began the implementation of the project “Affordable and quality legal aid”, which aims to increase the access of Ukrainians to free legal aid. About this at the presentation of the project in …

The coaching staff of the Russian national team will join the canadian specialist – SPORTS – EXPRESS

The coaching staff of the Russian national team will join the canadian specialistsand – Expressnews foreign consultant men’s national team will be known trainer and famous player from Canada. His name is not called, but the negotiations are close to completion. Chief coach of the national team Yury Suliko told that at the present time …Suliko: new consultant team Russian Curling is known condescension.somse related articles: 2 “

Canada will be able to supply Ukraine weapons, if you get permission from NATO GORDONUA.COM

GORDONUA.Comcanada will be able to supply Ukraine weapons, if you get permission from НАТОGORDONUA.Comcanada will be able to supply Ukraine weapons, if you get permission from NATO. Defense Minister believes that delivery will be possible only by unanimous decision of the member countries of NATO, said the Minister of national defence of Canada Robert Nicholson.Canada sent to Ukraine military poliziotti.RuНиколсон: Canada will be sent to representatives of the military policiere Novostiynaya will be sent to representatives of the military politikovskya […]

Canada will help Ukraine to train military police – media – Left Bank

Left Beregond will help Ukraine to train military police – Smiley baragnon, November 28 at the airport “Borispol” landed canadian aircraft with military aid for Ukraine. Ottawa gave Kiev, tactical communication systems, equipment for explosive ordnance disposal, medical first aid kits and night vision devices. In addition …

Miss Canada organized the collection of toys for children of the Ukrainian military – Pressor – Ukraine news

Obogrevateli Canada organized the collection of toys for children of Ukrainian phoenixrising – news Ukrainepreteen canadian round of the beauty contest Miss Earth 2013, Ukrainian origin Sofia Black organized a festive gathering of toys “Holiday Toy Drive for children of the Ukrainian military, reports Pressor with reference to VIDIA. After …Miss Canada collects clothes and toys for children Ukrainian военныхNEWSru.ease related articles: 4 “

Canada intends to conduct joint military exercises with Ukraine – Federal news Agency No.1

Federal Agency news No.Canada intends to conduct joint military exercises with Ukrainophile news Agency No.Ottawa, 8 December. Canada and Ukraine intend to conduct future joint military exercises and to develop cooperation in the security field. A corresponding agreement countries have signed, the press service of the canadian national defense.

Canada and Ukraine plan to hold joint military exercises 10:04 – NewsMaker

Canada and Ukraine plan to hold joint military exercises 10:04NewsMaker”Canada remained firm in his intentions to help the people of Ukraine”,- said the Minister of defense Robert Nicholson, who is now on a visit to Kiev and put his signature to the document. He added that the joint work in this direction will help …

Canada has closed its Embassy in Cairo – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Canada has closed its Embassy in Carakasamhita Pravda Monday, December 8, Canada has temporarily suspended the work of its Embassy in Cairo. In Ottawa noted that the office had to close for security reasons. However, what is at stake, did not elaborate, according to their website. Previously the British Embassy in …

Canada and Kazakhstan intend to cooperate in the sphere of mining industry – hour News Channel 24KZ

Hour News Channel 24KZКанада and Kazakhstan intend to cooperate in the field of extractive industrialrelations News Channel 24KZОсновное requirement for development of the mining industry and the private sector is the following clear rules and laws. Also Canada has all the ingredients of success: the geological development of the law, which is open to all and provides a process of regulation and stable …and more “

We need to punish Russia for the occupation of Ukraine – Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada – Browser

Obozrevatel should punish Russia for the occupation of Ukraine – Minister of foreign Affairs of Canadianization also added that Canada is committed to taking appropriate action against Russia, but it needs the support of the Alliance. “Our determination must be supported by more specific measures and intensify our collective efforts, as Alliance,” said …the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Canada: We will never recognize the annexation of the Crimea and the “people’s Republic” on Donbastelemerezha izvestiasi related articles: 2 “

Olympic Committee of Canada will eliminate homophobia in schools

Olympic Committee of Canada establishes the relationship with the two organizations to facilitate active involvement in the sport before the Pan American Olympic Games in Toronto. Olympic Committee of Canada in cooperation with the “You Can Play” and “Egale Canada, two organizations supporting the idea of benevolence and tolerance, declares war homophobia in the country. “You Can Play” and “Egale Canada will contribute to the common cause, supporting Olympic athletes who wish to openly declare their sexuality. Athletes also visit […]

John Tory said “no” controversy at city hall

In his first address to the Council, Toronto’s mayor, John Tory has promised to put an end to the dispute, which paralyzed the work of the mayor’s office” for many years. “Five weeks ago, voters were asked their elected representatives to start working on that really important for them, ” said Tory. To improve the operation of transport services, housing conditions, create more jobs… to end the dispute, which hampered the work of the city hall in the last few […]

The woman kept the corpse of her husband in the bedroom for 6 months

Fanatically religious resident of Hamilton kept decaying corpse of her husband in the bedroom for six months, because he was convinced that he would come back to life. At trial, the woman has pleaded not guilty had not notified the authorities about her husband’s death from illness, from which he received no treatment. Initially, the Kalinga of weld faced criminal charges of neglect of duty towards the dead body and abuse of a corpse, which threatened her with a term […]

Shooting in Halifax

Four Teens charged in shooting in Halifax, in which three other young men were taken to the hospital. Two boys aged 17 and 18, and 17-year-old girl, were taken to hospital after gunshots were heard in the house at Arklow Drive in Cole harbour. Three 17-year-olds and one 18-year-old were arrested on charges of attempted murder, robbery, breaking and entering. According to police, the victim was acquainted with the accused. Sarah Wedgwood, who lives nearby, said that the police regularly […]

Weather forecast in canada

Winter this year in Canada will be softer and shorter than the previous one weatherman Winter this year in Canada will be softer and shorter than the previous one weatherman According to the forecast of the Ministry of environment Canada (Environment Canada), winter this year will be softer than last year due to natural the El Nino phenomenon. The El Nino phenomenon is when the warm water from the equator are directed to regions of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans […]

Canadian Museum has discovered a new species of dinosaur

Scientists from the UK have discovered a new species of ancient reptiles called deinocheirus, which means a terrible hand. The remains of the animal, discovered about 50 years ago, all this time was in a Museum in Canada. After painstaking research, scientists have determined that these remains belonged to a very ancient kind of horned dinosaur that lived on the territory of South-West America. Scientists say that the ancient animal was clumsy, with a big hump and toothless beak. The […]

In Canada found bird flu in two farms

In farms Abbotsford and Chilliwack in Western Canada, was found in a strain of avian influenza. The farm was placed under quarantine. In the near future will be destroyed about 15 thousand in the territory of farm birds. As reported, the CPS asks Russians to be careful in countries where identified avian influenza. The largest outbreak of avian influenza in Europe in 2014, registered in the Netherlands. The last time the H5 strain was discovered on 30 November on a […]

Canadian business hopes for the lifting of the sanctions in respect of exports of pork in Russia – Business and finance news agency

Media group “Star”Canadian business hopes for the lifting of the sanctions in respect of exports of pork in Rosewater-TASMIYAH /Canada/, November 19. /Corr. Daniel Studnet/. Canadian pork producers are still willing to cooperate with Russian partners and hope for the abolition of the prohibition of export their products to Russia. On Tuesday Corr. reported GI Badri …Canadian business requires to lift the sanctions against Reziimidega “Star”Canadian business hopes for the lifting of the sanctions on the export of […]

Canadian developer moved CarPlay on iPhone and iPad – Apple World in one site

World Apple in one sitesindeki developer moved CarPlay on iPhone and iPadМир Apple in one of satellitare the efforts of the canadian developer Adam bell run CarPlay will soon be possible directly on iOS gadgets. On reddit was published video of the first successful experiments on the new development. CarPlay on the iPad System CarPlay you connect …and more “

Canada gave the Ukrainian army winter uniform –

Canada gave the Ukrainian army winter формуBFM.comСамолет in the canadian armed forces was taken to the airport “Borispol” more than 3 thousand sets of winter uniforms for members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As noted in the press service of the defense Ministry, the first consignment of humanitarian aid includes more than 3 thousand …

The dog warned about the fire

Little white dog barking woke his master in the middle of the night, warning of a fire that engulfed several neighbouring houses in Kensington market. Four-legged friend may have helped save the lives of several residents who slept while the fire consumed four houses with common side walls. Pet woke his master, who in turn woke up the neighbors and helped them to escape. The fire started in one of the houses on Oxford St. about 1 a.m., said the […]

Canadian Bureau of Statistics: homicide became less

Statistics Canada reports: the number of murders in the country once again declined. In 2013 there were 8% fewer than in 2012. Thus, the total number of murders dropped to the level of 1966. Given the fact that in 1966 and people in Canada was significantly less, we can say that the criminal situation is now stable and is far from alarming. Of the major cities with the most murders were committed in Toronto – 79. And the year before […]

Highway 401 is partially blocked due to accident

Part of highway 401, which runs through BOWMANVILLE, blocked because of a terrible accident. At 10:30 a.m. on the part of the track in a westerly direction the truck crashed into a cement road divider and overturned, rassimov transported gravel on the road. After the collision, the truck caught fire, and the 32-year-old driver died on the spot. All lanes on Liberty St. in the Eastern and Western areas covered, warns police of the province of Ontario. When driving East […]

In Toronto metro has expanded WiFi zone

Users of public transport in Toronto will be able to stay longer in the network due to the fact that TTC was included in the area of providing WiFi for another four stations. Now the service is available at the stations “Union”, “King”, “Queen” and “Dundas”. Users will be able to log on to the network, check e-mail and watch the online broadcast in all public areas of the stations, including platforms, offices, walkways and stairways. TTC in cooperation with […]

Seaspan Vancouver Bavaria laid the keel of a new cable ferry Corporation BC Femes

New cable ferry for BC Ferries. Model Press service of the state Corporation British Columbia Ferry Services (abbreviated to BC Ferries), the province of British Columbia, Canada, November 28, 2014 reported that at the shipyard company Seaspan Vancouver Bavaria in North Vancouver (Canada), the ceremony of laying the keel of a new cable ferry, which is being built on behalf of BC Ferries. Recall that the steel cutting ceremony took place on September 03, 2014. Steam should be put into […]

The Toronto police are investigating the death of three people

The division of the Toronto police to combat crime investigating the sudden death of three people in the Eastern part of the city. Body discovered in a tenement house in the district Thorncliff Park day last Saturday. Doctors emergency crews said they found two adults and a child without signs of life. The age of the victims is set in the present time. “This evening we received the very sad news of Thorncliffe, wrote on Twitter police inspector 53rd Division […]

Michaëlle Jean – Secretary General of la Francophonie

Former Governor General of Canada michaëlle Jean was selected on the same post “la Francophonie”, as reported today by the press service of the international organization. Candidate Jean was approved unanimously at the summit of La Francophonie in the city Dakar, capital of Senegal, which began on Saturday. Michaëlle Jean became the first canadian and the first woman elected to this position. International cooperation organization of French-speaking countries of the world “la Francophonie” includes 57 countries-participants and candidates in the […]

On the graves nobody will build anything

Discovered during the development of the district for the construction of the old graves of the Indians stopped in Abbotsford (British Columbia) all work. City officials refused to continue work on development of the area and the accommodation here dealership Parking lot of farm equipment. Company Corpus Management Group is contesting the legitimacy of the decision, as is the threat of losing to develop a huge plot area of approximately 160 acres. In addition to dealer shop fermerskih mechanisms in […]

In Canada, died the oldest resident of the country

In Canada, died the oldest resident of the country In the canadian city of Victoria passed away the elderly resident country – 113-summer Girl Barwis. Until my next birthday deceased is not survived less than a month. on 23 December the old canadian Girl Barwis celebrated his 114th birthday. However, the woman has not lived up to his birthday less than a month. Barwis was born in 1900 in the USA in Iowa. However, even as a child her family […]

The political scientist from Canada condemned the authorities for assistance to Ukrainian Nazis

Canadian political scientist Oscar Fortin said that Ottawa was aiding the genocide of the Russian population in the Donbass. Now Kiev systematically and purposefully destroys the Russian-speaking population of the South-Eastern regions of Ukraine, but in Canada, trying to ignore the crimes of the Nazi character and financial crisis, and continues to help Nazi groups and the government. The analyst wrote on the website AgoraVox. Oscar Fortin pointed to the fact that the United States intends to transform Ukraine into […]

The militants of the Islamic state “stole a canadian citizen

The canadian fought on the side of the Kurdish militias. In Syria militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” has kidnapped a citizen of Canada, which joined the Kurdish militias in the fight against IG. About this newspaper Haaretz. “The government of Canada verifies this information, we are in close contact with the local authorities”, – quotes Agency Reuters words of the representative of the foreign Ministry of the country. According to CBC News, the 31-year-old Jill Rosenberg (Gill Rosenberg), […]

John Tory met with Kathleen Wynne

The first day of his tenure as mayor John Tory began at 6:30 in the morning. He has already appointed an Executive Committee, which included deputies Jay Robinson, Michelle Berardinetti, Ana Bailao, Mary-Margaret McMahon, James Pasternak, Michael Thompson, David Shiner, Paul ansli, Cesar Palacio, Gary Crawford and Frank Di Giorgio. If approved by the city Council, the chair of the TTC will be Josh Colle and Denzil Minnan-Wong – first Deputy mayor. In General John Tory purports to assign to […]

In Canada, pipeline MNEs in the swamp emerged about 60 thousand liters of oil

From MNE company Canadian Natural Resources Northern Alberta, Canada, in the result of mechanical damage of about 60 thousand litres of crude oil leaked into the swamp. According to the regulator in the energy sector in Alberta, the damage caused leakage of oil equivalent of several hundred barrels. The accident occurred on November 27, 350 km North of the provincial capital of Edmonton. According to representative of the controller K. Dew, oil company filed a statement after the incident. “Due […]

In Canada is unknown man won the lottery 25 million dollars

Unknown person, bought a lottery ticket in the canadian province of new Brunswick, won 25 million dollars. This was reported by representatives of the Association of Atlantic Lottery, which is the organizer about a dozen lottery draws in the country. It is known that the winning ticket of one of the most popular national lottery Lotto Max was sold in the capital region – the city of Fredericton. But the owner Kvitka any information yet. Lotto Max was launched in […]

The dollar appreciated against the canadian dollar on the background of rising inflation in Canada

“According to the data Statistics Canada (canadian Department of statistics), the growth of inflation in the country as of October amounted to 2.4% of the data for the same period last year,” said analysts at brokerage company Nord FX/NordFX in an interview Department news Forex exchanges and currencies of the “market leader”. High growth was recorded for food and housing. All categories are taken into account when calculating the index by the consumer price showed price increases. But he particularly […]

I left the life of a canadian hockey coach Pat Quinn, who won the gold RI-2002 – IA Stadium – ERA Nowostawski from the life of a canadian hockey coach Pat Quinn, who won the gold OI-IA Stadiongasse hockey coach Pat Quinn died at the 72nd year of life after a long illness, informs TSN. Under his leadership, the national team won gold at the Olympic games in 2002 in salt lake city. Pat Quinn was twice recognized as the best coach in the NHL.Died-known canadian coach and former player Pat Quinn Спорт – ERA Nowostawski from the […]

Canada gave the Ukrainian army winter uniform –

MG “Lens”Canada gave the Ukrainian army winter формуMail.comСамолет in the canadian armed forces was taken to the airport “Borispol” more than 3 thousand sets of winter uniforms for members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As noted in the press service of the defense Ministry, the first consignment of humanitarian aid includes more than 3 thousand …Canada will help Ukraine in the fight against Putin” regimentally-review Paunochnaga has donated more than 3000 sets of winter forms for Ukrainian Voennykh “Lens”Canada […]

Canada sent 3 thousand sets of winter clothing for soldiers and distributes volunteers –

Canada sent 3 thousand sets of winter clothing for soldiers and distributes through волонтеровNEWSru.UAB airport “Borispol” arrived aircraft of the Air forces of the Armed forces of Canada with the first consignment of military assistance to Ukraine. It is accompanied by the Ambassador of Ukraine in Canada Vadim Prystaiko, UNIAN reports. Also about getting the first shipment of humanitarian aid from Canada …

Canada has sent a cargo of military assistance to Ukraine –

Canada has sent a cargo of military assistance to УкраинуTorontovka.somerby the plane with the shipment of military assistance went from Canada to Ukraine. This was announced by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine. It is expected that the aircraft of the air force Canada to land at the airport “Borispol” the 28th of November. The cargo is accompanied by the Ambassador of Ukraine in Canada …

Five viruses more dangerous than Ebola

on August 2014 in Abu Dhabi woman died, presumably from a hemorrhagic fever caused by Ebola virus. The symptoms are very similar, while the woman traveled from Nigeria to India. Still sick found only in West Africa. This case means that the virus can escape outside the region. Ebola is a virus, the mortality rate at which an average of 60-65%, but can reach 90%. For the first time the virus was identified relatively recently – in 1976 in Congo […]

Choosing a Bank in Canada to open an account

Differences between canadian banks, which Bank is better, the prices of banking services in Canada. Information is provided by finance news portal In Canada there are three types of banks: large banks, trust companies and credit unions. They vary in size, range of services and even some of the subtleties that are not essential for normal client. As a rule, banks and trusts operate throughout the country, while credit unions are limited to province of registration. The main function […]

Diversification of investments in Canada

Investment risk is that the value of investments may drop in price. Many people know: “never put all your eggs in one basket”. But how to use this rule for investment ? The investment portfolio is a collection of everything that can be bought by an investor. This can be stocks, bonds, investment funds (mutual funds, segregated funds and other In 1991. American mathematician-economist Harry Markowitz received the Nobel prize in Economics for his revolutionary theory in creating an investment […]

Spousal RRSP in Canada

Retirement savings marital RRSP registered investment spousal RRSPs funds savings account capital protection money management Canada British Columbia Alberta RRIFsСупружеский RRSP gives the family some choices to obtain tax advantages. The taxpayer may place some or all of their investments in the RRSP in the name of spouse, guided by four basic rules spousal RRSP. The release sub plan funds from tax applies to the spouse, which invests its money. For example, if the husband had income of $72,000 and […]

Stock market review investment in Canada in 2014

In this release all information given on 28.11.2014. Last 30 days investment funds showed good growth. From 14,600 canadian funds only 16 rose more than 10%. The highest growth (20.6%) showed mutual funds that invest in gold, precious metals and their prey, apparently well played by political instability. The inflow of foreign capital from unstable regions also had a positive impact on the funds of the United States (15%). Several canadian funds specializing in small companies (with a market capitalization […]

The canadian dollar rate goes down in pair USD/CAD

Canadian dollar continues to decline along with oil prices. Futures on WTI today this morning in Europe were below $ 76,50., the market is configured to decrease, because from the world’s largest oil producers are waiting for further price declines in the fight for market share and refuse to limit production. U.S. production peaked at more than 30 years, and stocks should rise by about 2,35 million barrels (the growth of the fifth week in a row). The data inventory […]

Canadian shooter Michelle Sihat-Bibo had problems with the law

Canadian arrow Michelle Sihat-Bibo had problems with the law Some time ago he converted to Islam and changed his name As a result of shooting one person was killed and three were injured Photo: As a result of shooting one person was killed and three were injured Native the canadian province of Quebec Michel Sihat-Bibo, who on the eve of the shooting at the memorial of military glory in Ottawa, is considered by the police as an official suspect, […]

Top-20 best Canada hockey players in 2014

No. Name Citizenship ‘s career Team 1 Wayne Gretzky Flag of Canada.svg Canada 1978-1999 Edmonton oilers 2 Bobby Orr Flag of Canada.svg Canada 1966-1978 Boston Bruins 3 Gordy Howe Flag of Canada.svg Canada 1946-1997 the Detroit Red wings 4 Mario Lemieux Flag of Canada.svg Canada 1984-2006 The Pittsburgh Penguins 5 Maurice Richard Flag of Canada.svg Canada 1942-1960 Montreal Canadiens 6 Doug Harvey Flag of Canada.svg Canada 1945-1969 Montreal Canadiens 7 Jean Belive Flag of Canada.svg Canada 1950-1971 Montreal Canadiens 8 […]

The dynamics of the new construction of various types of housing in Canada

The dynamics of the new construction of various types of housing in Canada, 2002-2012, thousand units According to a study conducted by the Royal Bank of Canada in 2012, more and more Canadians prefer energy-saving houses a small size that caused the active state propaganda and material encouragement of repair work aimed at energy efficiency. Thus, the share of potential buyers interested in the reduction of the area of the future object, reached 27%. In the 2008 study. the figure […]

The canadian manufacturers offer a wide range of products

The canadian manufacturers offer a wide range of products – from fresh and frozen meat to the meat of various degrees processed, smoked, canned, semi-finished products, as well as sausages and delicacies. Key indicators of the meat processing industry Canada by the end of 2012: • 12 275 thousand heads of cattle (0.5% increase compared with 2011) grown by 83.5 thousand canadian farms and ranches. The Alberta accounts for about 41% from the specified population. Farm incomes from the sale […]

In 2012, oil production in Canada fell 0.008%

In 2012, oil production in Canada fell 0.008% compared to the previous year and reached 476,7 thousand m3/day (in 2011 – 480,3 thousand m3/day), with a tendency of slight production growth in 2013 due to further increase oil production from oil Sands. The volume of crude oil exports in 2012 from Canada increased to 368 thousand m3/ day (2011 -340 thousand m3/ day). The main consumer of oil and petroleum products produced in Canada, is still the United States (98%). […]

An overview of the main economic sectors of Canada

An overview of the main economic sectors of Canada In the course of implementing approved by the Parliament’s Economic action plan 2012, the Federal government of Canada under the current budget has provided direction in the economy of additional funds in the amount of about 34 billion canadian dollars. Despite the risks of accelerating inflation, these investments contributed in the end to reduce the rate of decline of industrial production and the stabilization of the situation in General. By the […]

Currently, trade and economic relationship between the U.S. and China on the back of higher volumes of trade are characterized by increasing interdependence of economies.

Despite the development of mutually beneficial trade and cooperation in many areas, increasing the U.S. trade deficit, in particular on trade in high-tech goods. In 2012, the volume of bilateral trade in goods between the United States and China amounted to 536,1 billion. China was in second place by the volume of trade with the United States after Canada, the third export market and the largest supplier of goods to the United States. The volume of commodity exports to China […]

Because of the oil boom in Canada is not enough cowboys

Lately a lot of talk about what the “oil boom” in Canada has led to lower gasoline prices. However, not everyone understands that, in addition, the “oil boom” has become a cause of rising prices for burgers and steaks. The increase in energy investments in the provinces of Central prairies (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta), which are the main agricultural provinces of Canada, promotes the growth of oil production to a record high, which led to a reduction in retail gasoline prices […]

Why Canada never had bank crises

Since 1790, the United States suffered 16 banking crises. In Canada there were no one – not even during the great depression, for which the country of the maple leaf should thank the French and stable state system, according to a study by Columbia University Professor Charlie Calomiris. At the early stages of state Canada managed to protect banks from populism with power vertical… When Canada became a British colony, people from France, did not hide his hatred of the […]

Why Canada is moving towards crisis

In recent years there has been of the view that the canadian economy is one of the most successful in the world. The country did not experience a banking collapse and recession in 2008-2009 was quite soft. But actually the situation is the Northern neighbor of the USA is not very good, writes Business Insider. Why Canada never had banking crises Canada was mired in a series of political corruption scandals in the real estate market is about to burst […]

The canadian Parliament passed a resolution in support of Moldova – BlackSeaNews

Information portal of the Canadian Parliament passed a resolution in support of МолдовыBlackSeaNews”the Current legislature again notes the continued support from Canada, freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law around the world; acknowledges support from Canada’s sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity …of the Canadian Parliament adopted a resolution on European integration Rinformation portal Parliament of Canada expressed support for the “territorial integrity” and “European integration” Moldaviya REGNUMМолдова relies on the export of agricultural products in КанадуOMEGAИА “Kazakh-Zerno”All similar articles: […]

The OECD estimates growth in Canada in 2015 year

As an example, the 2012 report of the state Council for science, technology and innovation, which is considered the state of the canadian scientific research and experimental development (R & d). The report notes that, despite the Government measures to stimulate R & d, a percentage of the total R & d expenditures to GDP is gradually decreasing: in 2006 it amounted to 2% of GDP in 2008 – 1,92 %, and in 2011 – already 1.74 percent. As a […]

It should be noted and measures to stimulate innovation, laid down by the Government in the Federal budget

It should be noted and measures to stimulate innovation, laid down by the Government in the Federal budget for the 2012-2013 fiscal year: • 400 million. were selected to stimulate private sector investment in innovation and the creation of a large venture funds with private capital; • 100 million. was allocated to the Bank’s Business Development Canada (Business Development Bank of Canada) to support activities of the Bank in the field of venture capital financing; • $ 110 million. in […]

The state innovative development.

The basis of the Government’s S. Harper government policy towards innovation lies adopted in 2008, the Canadian strategy on science and technology. Priority areas of innovation and research activities in this strategy elected the following areas: • science about the environment and related technologies, including conservation of water resources, as well as the development of cleaner methods of extracting, processing and utilization of hydrocarbon fuel; • natural resources and energy, including new technologies in oil production from oil Sands, the […]

Almost all productive sectors of the economy except agriculture and fisheries, information industry and culture, demonstrated in 2012 sustainable growth.

The main reasons for the decrease in growth in agriculture has become a severe drought in the canadian the provinces of Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan, and in the information industry and culture, the conflict between the Federation of the National hockey League and the players ‘ Union, which led to a delay in the start of a new hockey season for a few months. The highest growth was demonstrated by the mining industry, which is largely due to increased oil […]

The main pillar of the Federal government of Canada in 2012

The main pillar of the Federal government of Canada in 2012 remained stable financial and banking system. The total share of the banking and financial sector in the country’s GDP amounted in 2012 to 21%. Despite all the speculation by international rating agencies in 2012, the canadian banking system continued to demonstrate its strength (AAA credit ratings) to global economic shocks. This is primarily due to a small number of commercial banks in the country, which largely facilitates their support […]

The results of the development of the canadian economy for 2012

indicate that Canada continued slow recovery from the global financial and economic crisis, gradually overcoming its consequences. However, when the overall positive dynamics of GDP growth in 2012 was 1.7% instead of the earlier forecast of 2.6%. In absolute terms, the country’s GDP in 2012 was 1,820 trillion. $ in 2011 1,760 trillion. $ and 2010 year – 1,662 trillion. $ . In per capita terms, these data equal in 2012 – 52 177 $ V, – 51 1039 $ […]

Economic review Canada in 2014

During the first half of 2013, the canadian economy continued its slow recovery from the global financial and economic crisis, gradually overcoming its consequences. At the same time, the canadian economy is largely dependent on the dynamics of its external sector still experienced a strong influence of negative trends, preserved in the economies of major trading partners of Canada. Chief among these trends, canadian analysts believe too slow improvement in economic indicators in the U.S., continuing instability in the European […]

Canada – the best country in the world

Hi, so i want to talk about Canada. I have a friend who live there and he can’t stop to tell me that Canada is one of the best country in the world with Montreal or Quebec. We are always talking about this country. He also told me that it’s very very cold during the winter, and little hot during summer. When he is speaking, i want to go there to learn more about it. So i decided to read […]

In Canada was built a wooden house.

Reportedly, the six-storey building is planned to place office center. According to environmentalists, labour productivity in this atmosphere with the smell of wood will certainly be higher than in conventional buildings. The author of the project is the American architect Michael green. For the construction of unique buildings went a year and a half. The house participated in the competition for the most environmentally friendly building in the world. Just a wooden building has six floors, plus a basement. It […]

Canada was offended and decided to leave the U.S. without oil and gas

The construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, the U.S. artificially slow down, so a canadian company producing oil in oil-bearing Sands, looking for other ways to deliver their oil to market. One possibility is to project Energy East, which will be able to deliver 1.1 million barrels of oil per day from fields in Alberta to terminals in Eastern Canada. If the project is completed, it will be even more powerful than the Keystone XL and will give impetus to […]

In Canada supported residents Ferguson, USA

Activists from Canada organized a rally in support of the residents of Ferguson, the protestors are not one week. It is worth noting that the protest action was attended not just mass, but also on a worldwide scale. Last night on the streets of large cities in Canada left activists to support residents Ferguson, acting against the decision of the court. As reported by the local press, in Toronto, all went smoothly – the demonstrators were peaceful, which cannot be […]

In Canada, more than 70 thousand. People were left without power due to hurricane

Most affected Toronto and Ottawa the capital of the country. Here no light left 10 thousand. And 6 thousand. Consumers respectively. According to the National Weather Service, the average wind speed of over 70 km / h (20 m / s) and gusts reaching 102 km / h (28 m / s). In Toronto International Airport due to bad weather were detained several dozen flights. In Ottawa, according to the correspondent element knocked down dozens of trees and traffic signs, […]

Gerashchenko said that Canada did not offer Ukraine to buy F-18 – Росбалт.RU

Gerashchenko said that Canada did not offer Ukraine to buy the F-nosalt.RUhttp://mipt.EN Stalin Phystech no longer protects Began protests teachers at the Moscow physical-technical Institute – an elite University, which has always been privileged. This speaks to a systemic crisis in the Russian science and education. (1).and more “

Died of canadian hockey coach Pat Quinn –

Kazanfirst.was histoncal canadian hockey coach Pat КуиннKazanfirst.giv the number of victories Quinn on the post of various national teams of Canada gold Olympic games in 2002, despite the fact that Quinn was able to lead Canadians to this title for the first time since 1952. In addition, in 2004, he led the Canadians to victory in the world Cup. In 2008, the Junior team …

Canada/Switzerland: Onex acquires SIG Combibloc for $4,43 billion Финам.RU

Canada/Switzerland: Onex acquires SIG Combibloc for $4,43 minfinom.RUКанадская investment firm Onex acquires Swiss company SIG Combibloc engaged in the packing business, 3.57 billion euros ($4,43 billion). In addition, the company Onex announced that it will pay an additional 175 million euros in the case of positive financial …and more “

Ukraine, USA and Canada refused to support the UN resolution on the fight against the glorification of Nazism – the First channel

Ukraine, USA and Canada refused to support the UN resolution on combating glorification necessarily kanarescina Ukraine, the USA and Canada have already commented in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of our country. There have expressed extreme regret, and in the Kiev authorities said separately: “the position of Ukraine’s depressing and alarming. It is difficult to understand how a nation fully experienced …

Gerashchenko: Canada did not offer Ukraine F-18 –

Gerashchenko: Canada did not offer Ukraine the was not formally offered Ukraine to take the F-18. This statement was made adviser to the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Geraschenko. “Received a letter from the Canadian Embassy about the ill-fated F-18. Never state Canada is not …

Gerashchenko: Canada did not offer Ukraine to buy F-18 –

Uriagereka: Canada did not offer Ukraine to buy the F-Hazeta.comСоветник interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Geraschenko have refuted the claim that Canada in the spring of proposed Ukraine to buy her multirole fighter F-18. About this Gerashchenko said in Facebook. “Received a letter from the Canadian Embassy about the ill-fated …Canada never offered Ukraine the F-18 Germanconference: Canada never offered Ukraine the F-IA news Ukrainehorodenka: Canada did not offer Ukraine the F-18Fakty.ease related articles: 266 “

Spring: Ukraine, USA and Canada confirmed its policy of conflict, ITAR –

Russian Gazetareve: Ukraine, USA and Canada confirmed its policy conflictivity-MASSMOCA, November 22. / Ukraine, USA and Canada confirmed its policy of conflicts, voting against the proposed RF resolution on combating geroizatsija of Nazism. This opinion was expressed by the head of the state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Irina …Alexei Pushkov: USA, Canada and Ukraine was in izolyatsionistskaya Gazetareve: USA, Canada and Ukraine, voted against the UN resolution on Nazism, are conflict politicaleconomy Komsomolskaya, USA and Canada voted […]

Alexei Pushkov: USA, Canada and Ukraine in isolation –

Alexei Pushkov: USA, Canada and Ukraine in изоляцииBFM.comСША, Ukraine and Canada have driven themselves into isolation on the international arena, voting in the UN against the Russian-proposed resolution. This opinion was expressed by the head of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Pushkov. See also: Alexei Pushkov has offered Europe …

Ukraine has abandoned a few tens of canadian F-18 – Browser

Telegraphyline abandoned a few tens of canadian F-18ОбозревательMcDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet is a multirole fighter of the Royal Canadian air force, developed on the basis of American fighter-bomber F/A-18 Hornet. Produced by the company McDonnell Douglas in 1982-88 years, just released 138 …Canada has offered Ukraine fighters. The Ministry of defense odesamhs.ukrainian Pravacana offered Ukraine a few dozen F-alegrefemale offered Ukraine F-18 – ex-Deputy head Linebreeding – news Ukrainiinize – daily news and analysis-Корреспондент.net -UkrNews24.netВсе related articles: 156 “

The Russian foreign Ministry regrets that Ukraine, USA and Canada did not support the resolution on the fight against the glorification of Nazism Radio station ECHO of MOSCOW

The Russian foreign Ministry regrets that Ukraine, USA and Canada did not support the resolution on the fight against the glorification necessariamente ECHO Movible only official Moscow depressing and alarming position of Kiev. It is difficult to understand how the nation has fully experienced the horrors of Nazism and made a significant contribution to the Victory over them may vote against the document condemning his glorification. About this …

USA, Canada and Ukraine was in isolation – Pushkov – OREANDA

OREANDA, Canada and Ukraine was in isolation – Postovariectomy-NEWS. The head of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Pushkov criticized the decision of the Ukraine, the USA and Canada to vote against the resolution condemning the rehabilitation of Nazism. According to the official, which he expressed through his microblog on Twitter, …

Pushkov: Canada, USA and Ukraine was in isolation – Ukraine news | News Agency KHARKOV

Ukraine news | News Agency Kharkovrostov: Canada, USA and Ukraine were isolationalist Ukraine | News Agency Charasoveyskoe illogical choice USA, Canada and Ukraine, the delegations which voted against the resolution on the fight against fascism in the United Nations, put these countries in isolation. As was said by the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Pushkov …

The former Deputy Minister of defence of Ukraine: Canada offered us F-18 – Russian Dialogue

Russian Dialogex-Deputy Minister of defence of Ukraine: Canada offered us F-moscicki Dialogando suggested that Ukraine should give her a second hand fighters, but due to the high cost of operation and requirements for the training of pilots, the transfer was never made. This was stated by former representative of the defense Ministry of Ukraine Leonid Polyakov. Since March …and more “

Author: Sergei ‘development team’ Sakin – the Official site of the Moscow city Committee of the Communist party

Author: Sergei ‘development team’ Societally the website of the Moscow city Committee of KhPI voting supported the Russian initiative 115 States abstained 55 countries, 3 – spoke against: Ukraine, USA and Canada. Canada’s participation in the Nazi Troika” can be explained by the presence of large and influential Ukrainian Diaspora in this country and …

Canada has offered Ukraine dozens of fighters, but the defense Ministry refused the ex-official (video) – Summary of Ukrainian and World News

Canada has offered Ukraine dozens of fighters, but the defense Ministry refused the ex-official (video)Summary of Ukrainian and World НовостейReuters Canada offered Ukraine to buy their aircraft. Canada has offered Ukraine the F-18, but the Ministry of defence refused aircraft. About this on air of the TV channel “24” stated the former Deputy defense Minister Leonid Polyakov. In his words …and more “

All major facts and data about Canada and canadian people

Canada, as a state, was formed as a result of French colonization in North America. The early history of this country can be considered an expedition of Jacques Cartier, which took place in 1534. It is a former colony, once based on the site of modern Quebec. Subsequently, when was created the Canadian Confederation, the land became one of the dominions of the British Empire. The independence of the country received only many centuries later. The process of autonomisation lasted […]

How to get permission for permanent residence in Canada in 2 months?

Selecting a country for permanent residence, assessing the likelihood to change their place of residence, each person tries to find the most prosperous state. One of these is considered Canada. And it is not a coincidence. Because in this country there are many official programs that you can obtain a permanent residence permit. These programs are very affordable and designed for different categories of applicants. The first category is referred in demand in Canada professionals. The applicant should possess a […]

How to visit all attractions in Canada in 1 week?

Area Canada ranks second in the world after Russia. Half of the continent of North America is Canada. The culture of the country combined English and French signs in connection with bilingualism is an equal circulation of the two languages. The uniqueness of canadian culture supplemented and traditions of the indigenous population of the continent – North American Indians. Landmarks of Canada, the country has a rich and unique. There are many national parks and reserves, there are beautiful waterfalls, […]

How to get stable and interesting work in Canada?

For Russians or Ukrainians, work in Canada, which will not only be loved, but well-paid, particularly appreciated and is probably the most cherished dream. The canadian labour market is demanding enough, the native of another country is not so easy to find a job. Often, the re-certification of the diploma is not enough, you need work experience in Canada, additional education, professional certification and examinations. Of course, this path is very long and thorny. It is capable of only the […]

All useful information about education in Canada and how to apply

Secondary education in Canada In Canada, children can receive secondary education in private or public schools. The education system similar to the us. From the first to the fifth grade – elementary school from 6 to 8 middle school. In Canada 12-year secondary education. Russian children can receive education in canadian schools, learning from one semester to complete high school graduation. Compared to the quality and cost of secondary education in Canada, education in some academic institutions in Switzerland and […]

How to get visa to Canada – useful tips

As with most countries of the world, for entry into Canada require a visa. In order to answer the question – how to get a visa to Canada, you need to understand what type of canadian visa you need. Type canadian visas are divided into immigration (permanent resident visa) and Not immigration (temporary resident visa), Which in turn are divided into the following types: Temporary resident visa: •Tourist visa: Required if you intend to visit Canada for tourism purposes. •Visitor […]

Immigration to Canada -useful tips

From the school of geography all know about the existence and location of Canada. From a school course many remember her considerable territory and of high economic development. Now Canada is in all respects one of the most stable and secure countries of the Earth. It was comfortable, clean, many cities are surrounded by greenery. To live in Toronto or calgary is very cozy and comfortable in all respects. In the life of the country has entered the advanced technologies […]

Decompression sickness can occur Canadian residents who do not look after their health

Decompression sickness (also called the disease of divers) occurs after inhalation of the victims of the gas mixture at a significant loss of pressure. This happens, for example, after upwelling from the depths. The gas dissolves in the blood and forms small bubbles and, as a consequence, these bubbles clog vein and block the movement of blood through the body. When decompression sickness reaches severe, the person may die or it paralyzes. So divers during the performance of their work […]

Young Canadians are not sufficiently informed about sexually transmitted diseases

Diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, are called sexually transmitted diseases. They are passed from person to person through vaginal, anal and oral sex. AIDS is a terrible and deadly disease. If other sexually transmitted diseases may be treated with antibiotics, AIDS is not curable. This disease can not long to manifest itself. Even at the slightest suspicion of the disease an urgent need to see a doctor and get tested. Thai scientists have managed to find a way to stop HIV, […]

More and more Canadians suffer from fatigue. Chronic fatigue as a disease

When a person has a lot of work, little sleep, and still is constantly under stress, most likely his body is so exhausted this way of life that a person has a syndrome of chronic fatigue. This syndrome is manifested as a state of complete depression and weakness, and inability to recover completely even after a night’s sleep. Chronically tired people, as a rule, can’t sleep, they have a lot of beating from side to side, and when you do […]

Statistics of cardiovascular disease in Canada in 2014

Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death in the world. So, in Ukraine, six out of ten patients die it “from the heart”. This is more than all types of cancer, tuberculosis and AIDS. It is estimated that in Kharkov at 190 thousand people each year on average there are 250 of heart attacks and 350 strokes. However, about 60% of patients of working age are disabled. The doctors keep talking about the need for prevention, asking people […]

Design restaurant Momofuku – exotics in Toronto, Canada

Design restaurant Momofuku – exotics in Toronto, Canada The new Momofuku restaurant with à La carte Asian cuisine opened in Toronto, the author of the project restaurateur David Chang opened the third institution. Sun worshippers and just everyone who wants diversity, it will be interesting to visit this place. The Momofuku restaurant in Toronto, Canada The original building in the form of a cube of glass located near Shangri-La, was designed by architect James K. M. Cheng. At the entrance […]

What diet is most popular in Canada? Anti-aging diet will help to turn back the clock.

Anti-aging diet is very simple. So that the body felt renewed, the food must activate the metabolism, supports cellular nutrition. Antipoverty diet divides foods into 4 groups: Nutrient – generate vital energy: plant seeds, cereals, fresh juices. Bioactive – has a positive effect on the body: raw vegetables and fruits, nuts, dairy products. Biostation – bring neither harm nor good. It’s all heat treated vegetables, cereals, fish, meat, shellfish. Biocidal only salakovac the body. It’s all refined foods and artificial […]

Ehat is the price of childbirth in Canada? Which hospital to choose and how much will it cost to give birth in Canada?

Caesarean section helps avoid generic complexes and fears Rumor has it that a caesarean section was born Gaius Julius Caesar. But in ancient times this operation was extremely rare, and now so is born every fifth baby. Around unconventional form birth rages a lot of talk. Someone convinced that surgery is a great opportunity to save mothers and children, while others consider its the prerogative of muslin ladies and lazy doctors … The older generation still can’t get used to […]

The treatment of urological diseases in Canada. Morning erection

Interestingly, the first explanation of each man, about morning erections there is mention of the urine, the audience all night. But the full bladder can cause erotic fantasies and cause erections at least. Let’s remember a fragment from the movie 40 year old virgin. There Steve Carroll gets out of bed and goes to the toilet with a loaded pistol in his shorts, but because it is difficult to keep under control the flow of urine and penis? Men know […]

In Canada, recorded sales growth viagra – article Rossano about side effects

Contraindications of viagra. Why viagra over two decades popularity – despite the high cost and possible side effects? About viagra contraindications viagra and how it works, we will discuss in our article. This drug became a legend from the first day on the market (in 1992). The miracle pill guaranteed male hot sex even if the tireless lover exceeded 70. It is no wonder that viagra has become very popular despite the high cost and possible side effects. No wonder […]

Problem alcohol consumption is increasing in Canada. Women and alcohol

In a woman’s life is not, and there can be nothing more important than family. It is to her that she spends all her free time. For children she is a loving and caring mother, for her husband – the perfect host and a true friend. It is the family that gives a woman’s life meaning. And even beauty. Every woman of any age appreciate their beauty and youth and tries all possible ways to save them. But it can […]

The problem of diabetes is very relevant in Canada – Diabetes suffer not only full citizens

This disease can be brought under control by daily exercise In Ukraine a week passes the prevention of diabetes. Doctors tend to attract everyone’s attention to this problem, because the prevalence of this disease ranks third in the world after cardiovascular diseases and cancer. In our country diabetes sick about 200 million thousand Ukrainians. But about three to four million are not aware of the severe illness … Registered doctors usually are the people who get sick for five to […]

Problems of Food Allergy in Canada

The majority of people indicate that they have intolerance to at least one food product, calling it an Allergy. But in fact, allergic to cheese, eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables, fish, etc. is often an pseudoallergy or, scientifically, digestive reactions. In recent times, any intolerance instantly recognized food allergies. Among doctors, allergists this name sounded very often, fairly quickly taken root in the people. And the abundance of various antihistamines in pharmacies has led to the fact that when faced with […]


In canada become very popular Indian generics which are very famous now viagra, cialis and the new tool is generic Levitra. Buy retail and wholesale generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra production of India.At the present time the best medicines for improvement of a potentiality is there generic viagra, levitra and cialis. These drugs are deservedly considered the leader in this market. Their main principle is the relaxation of smooth muscles in the penis and improve blood flow, which results in a […]

Canada shows stable economic growth and rise of consumer spendings on online shopping during 2014

In the ranking of the global competitiveness of Canada took 15th place In the annual global competitiveness index, compiled by the analytical group of the world economic forum, Canada ranked 15th place. Compared with last year, Canada has dropped one place in this rating. First place this year in the competitiveness ranking are occupied by Switzerland, which is headed by him for six years in a row. Then it is followed by Singapore, the USA, Finland, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, […]

The inflation rate in Canada in August 2014 amounted to 2.1% – statistics informed. Customers are waiting sales and discounts in December 2014.

The inflation rate in Canada in August 2014 amounted to 2.1% – statistics According to the canadian Department of statistics Statistics Canada, consumer price index, reflecting the level of inflation in Canada August 2014 increased by 2.1% in annual terms. According to the statistics Agency, higher prices touched all components used in the calculation of the consumer price index. In particular, housing prices rose by 2.8%, natural gas – by 17.9%, food products – 2.2%, transport services – by 1.2%, […]

Retail sales of shoes, clothes and electronics in Canada in July 2014 decreased by 0.1% statistics

Retail sales in Canada in July 2014 decreased by 0.1% statistics According to the canadian Department of statistics Statistics Canada, retail sales in Canada in July 2014 decreased 0.1% after six consecutive months of growth. In value terms, retail sales in the country during the reporting period amounted to 42.5 billion. The decline registered in 5 of the 11 sub-sectors of the canadian economy, which accounted for 55% of total retail sales. In annual terms, retail sales in Canada increased […]

The company “Canadian led technology produces a wide range of led lamps for General lighting office and industrial premises

The company “Canadian led technology produces a wide range of led lamps for General lighting office and industrial premises, public utilities, public roads. This section also presents led spotlights for accent lighting and local lighting and systems barrage lighting with lamps of the type ZOOM, ANGRY, SZO. Led lamps for General lighting and utilities Led lamps for General lighting category UHL 4, 4.1, 4.2, 3, 3.1, 2. Lamps with different lighting options and installation methods and applications combined into five […]

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Learn how you can improve a poor erection Nowadays Erectile Dysfunction is a common problem. Older men who are over 60 are very often affected. However, these problems can also occur in young men. The number of young men who suffer from erection problems has increased in recent times due to various factors such as […]

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Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a medical widespread disease of men. This condition can be caused by purely physical as well as psychological reason. Sometimes the psychological causes reinforce already existing physical causes. To determine the psychological causes of erectile dysfunction especially the concrete life situation and possible problems or conflicts the victims of psychotherapist […]

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Winnipeg – the best city for shopping, food, alcohol, tobacco and toys at the lowest prices in Canada

Full name: Winnipeg (Winnipeg) Province: Manitoba Population (area): more than 0,65 million Size: 464 sq km Map Of Winnipeg Winnipeg is the capital and largest city in the canadian province of Manitoba. It is located in the Eastern part of the prairies in Western Canada. “Gateway to the West” is one of the ancient names of cities. Winnipeg is situated near the geographical center of the continent, in the area of the confluence of two mighty rivers Assiniboin and Ed. […]

The city of Victoria is the best place to buy underwear, jewellery and gifts by the most nacim prices in Canada

Full name: Victoria (Victoria) Province: British Columbia Population (area): more than 0.33 million Area: 19 sq km Map Of Victoria Victoria is the capital of the canadian province of British Columbia. It is located on the South end of Vancouver island and is a major tourist city in British Columbia. Every year Victoria is visited by more than three and a half million people that bring the local economy a billion dollars. Victoria is an important port city during voyages […]

Saskatoon is the best place to buy furniture, doors, gates, chairs and tables at the lowest prices in Canada

Full name: Saskatoon (Saskatoon) Province: Saskatchewan Population (area): more than 0.75 million Area: 450 sq km Map Of Saskatoon The canadian city of Saskatoon is located in Central Saskatchewan, on the banks of the river South Saskatchewan. The population of Saskatoon exceed two hundred thirty-three thousand people and it is the most populous city of the province. Until the mid-eighties of the last century the city was the capital of Saskatchewan, and then gave the status of the city of […]

Quebec city is the best place to buy electronics, electrical engineering, computers, software at the lowest prices in Canada

Full name: Quebec (Quebec) Province: Quebec Population (area): more than 0.75 million Area: 450 sq km Map Of Quebec The canadian city of Quebec is a port at the mouth of the river bearing the name of St. Lawrence, as well as the capital of the canadian province and the former capital of New France – the North American colonies of France. The city is located on the banks of the St. Lawrence river, where the river goes smoothly in […]

Hamilton is the best place to buy clothing and footwear on sale and low prices in Canada

Full name: Hamilton (Hamilton) Province: Ontario Population (area): greater than 0.55 million Size: 1117 sq. km. Map Of Hamilton Hamilton, whose population five years ago exceeded five hundred thousand inhabitants, is a major port city in the province of Ontario. It was founded by George Hamilton, bought soon after the war, one thousand eight hundred and twelfth year in local land farm Durand. Over time, the city became the center of the industrialized and densely populated region on the shores […]

Edmonton is the best place to buy a car or truck at the lowest price and on sale

Full name: Edmonton (Edmonton) Province: Alberta Population (area): more than 1 million people Size: 684 sq km Map Of Edmonton Edmonton is the capital of Alberta is a province of Canada. It is located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan river in Central province. This region boasts the most fertile farmland on the territory of the prairies of Alberta. After calgary, Edmonton, with a population of more than seven hundred thirty thousand people, is the largest city of the […]

Ottawa – the widest choice of Bank long term credits and loans with low interest

Full name: Ottawa (Ottawa) – the Capital of Canada Province: Ontario Population (area): more than 1.2 million people Size: 4662 sq. km. Map Of Ottawa Ottawa is a unique Metropolitan city situated on the banks of the same river. In the South it crosses the scenic Rideau canal. Elegant cottages, abundance of greenery and water, smartly trimmed government buildings adorn the city and give him a peaceful and amazingly beautiful. In the period of summer lawns growing crimson poppies and […]

Montreal is the best option to take credit in the best conditions among more than 50 banks

Full name: Montreal (Montreal) Province: Quebec Population (area): more than 4 million people Size: 763 sq km Map Of Montreal Everyone knows that Montreal is a fabulous city. In Montreal you can discover new ways of enjoying life. Locals say that this “joie de vivre”, which translates as “joy of life”. This attitude to life the inhabitants of Montreal has surpassed them all. The town has such a fantastic atmosphere, it is notable for the bright colors and the General […]

Calgary is the best place for the development of the banking and insurance business

Full name: calgary (Calgary) Province: Alberta Population (area): more than 1.3 million people Size: 726 sq km Map Of Calgary Calgary is a city of cowboys and Indians, the net settlement on the planet. He is in Canada, ranking 31st in living standards among the 130 largest cities in the world. This place is inhabited by people of different nationalities. He became known worldwide after hold the Olympic games in 1988. If you want to drink the purest water, breathe […]

Vancouver – best place to start small and medium business with maximum profit

Full name: Vancouver (Vancouver) Province: British Columbia Population (area): more than 2 million people Area: 114 sq. km Map Of Vancouver Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, frequented by the Directors during the filming of many movies. Here the river Freser, which actually gave rise to the Foundation of the city. At the cradle of gold was found, so the first settlements of miners and steel “first homes” in the city. 1827 can be considered […]

Toronto best city for business and investment development

Toronto Full name: Toronto (Toronto) Province: Ontario Population (area): more than 6 million people Area: 630 sq. km. Map Of Toronto The largest city in Canada, its main English-language center and capital of the oldest angliiskoi the province of Ontario, is the city of Toronto (with a population of about 3.9 million people, with suburbs more than 6 million is about one-third of the total population of Canada). The city is located on the shores of lake Ontario, where the […]

Canada – best web source on all canadian news and events

Welcome to our website dedicated to one of the most beautiful and amazing country – Canada! From our site you can read about the history and geography of Canada, learn about the flag and coat of arms will also find a lot of useful information about the city and province of Canada. Tourists intending to visit this wonderful Country, you will find a lot of useful and interesting information in the appropriate section. Will be able to find out about […]

The volume of retail trade in Canada in August 2014 decreased by 0.3%

The volume of retail trade in Canada in August 2014 decreased by 0.3% The volume of retail trade in Canada in August 2014 decreased by 0.3%, amounting to $ 42.4 billion. The decline is recorded for the second month in a row after a six-month growth. Such data leads the canadian Bureau of statistics Statistics Canada. Professionals statedata note that retail sales fell in 7 of the 11 sub-sectors of the national economy, which accounted for 76% of total retail […]

Canada has worsened its position in the global ranking of the world Bank’s doing business

Canada has worsened position in the global ranking of the world Bank’s doing business In the global ranking of business, prepared annually by the world Bank, Canada took the 16th place, kneeling on one line compared to last year’s results. The rating is an assessment of a set of indicators of business regulation. This takes into account the following components: registration, connection to the electricity system, obtaining construction permits, registering property, protecting investors, credit, paying taxes, enforcing contracts, trading across […]

The canadian economy has declined in August 2014 by 0.1% statistics

The canadian economy has declined in August 2014 by 0.1% statistics Gross domestic product (GDP) of Canada declined in August 2014 by 0.1%. The decline was registered for the first time since the beginning of this year. Such data results in the canadian Department of statistics Statistics Canada. Analysts predicted zero growth in the reporting period. According to the statistics Agency, the industrial production in the country in August of the current year decreased by 1%. The extraction of oil […]

Construction in Canada is growing – statistics of independent experts

Construction in Canada is growing – statistics The number of issued building permits in Canada in September 2014 increased by 12.7%, amounting to a monetary value of 7.5 billion dollars. Such data submitted on Friday, the canadian Department of statistics Statistics Canada. Total cost issued during the reporting period, building permits non-residential buildings increased by 23.9% to $ 3.1 billion. Growth in this segment marks the fifth time in the last six months. In the residential sector, the value of […]

Real estate prices in Canada are growing – the national Bureau of statistics

Real estate prices in Canada are growing – Teranet-National Bank The value of residential real estate in Canada in October 2014 rose 0.2% compared with the previous month. During the year, housing prices rose by 5.4%. These data are presented in the index, calculated on a monthly basis by experts Teranet-National Bank. The locomotive of growth in the reporting period was Vancouver, where property prices rose last month by 1.2%. Excluding Vancouver composite index of housing prices in Canada remained […]

Visit office in Toronto to meet education experts and get consulting service

Experts Infostudy know Canada and its educational institutions is not hearsay, not from brochures or Internet. All educational institutions have personally attended by Agency staff. In addition, a significant advantage of the company Infostudy is the presence of a canadian office in Toronto, which not only provides services for enrollment in higher education, but also provides students with consulting assistance after admission. Educational center accompanies students at all stages of their education and, if necessary, is ready to assist and […]

Infostudy – straight road at a Canadian University.

Applicants who chose Canada to receive the prestigious foreign higher education, incredibly lucky. In contrast to universities in other English-speaking countries such as the UK, the majority of canadian universities recognize Russian certificates. The model of education of Canada are very similar to American. The nearest neighbor of the USA – Canada had all the prerequisites to become the 51st state of America. Diplomas and degrees awarded by canadian universities are considered to be equivalent issued by the United States […]

Canadian finance market analysis

Financial activity of the major borrowers in the international capital market Canada has a niche in 8%6. These borrowers operate on the three main segments of the international financial market: traditional (mainly eurovalue) the bond market, on the market. Institutional investors Canada Currently, the typical form of collective investment Canada is an investment company or trust. Responsible for the activities of collective investor bears the management company. It also performs the functions of the Supervisory authority. Legal and structural features […]

The list of canadian banks in 2014-2015 years

Functioning financial institutions Banks authorized to accept deposits, which you can insure in the Canadian insurance Corporation deposits (Banks 1 category): Amicus Bank (Amicus Bank) The BMO Bank s Montreal (BMO Bank of Montreal) Sibisi (CIBC) Canadian Thayer Bank (Canadian Tire Bank) Canadian Western Bank Canadian Western Bank) Citizens Bank s Canada (Citizens Bank of Canada) Sees Alterna Bank (CS Alterna Bank) Furst NASS Bank s Canada (First Nations Bank of Canada) Laurentian RC Bank Canada Laurentian Bank of Canada) […]

Interesting details about the Bank Of Canada

The Bank Of Canada Being the Central Bank of Canada, Bank s Canada is responsible for five different activities of the banking system: – Monetary policy: the purpose of monetary policy is to contribute to developing the economy and improving the living standards of the people of Canada through containment and predictability of inflation. – The issue of currency: canadian Bank issues banknotes and responsible for their appearance and protection, distribution, and replacement. Financial system: the Bank actively promotes reliable, […]

Laws about canada banks and bank organizations

According to the Law on banks in Canada there are three types of licenses for banking activities. The banks of the 1st category includes domestic banks, which according to the Law on banks have the right to accept deposits, which may insure a Canadian Corporation Deposit insurance. Banks 2nd category are subsidiaries of foreign banks, Deposit-taking, which can be a Canadian Corporation Deposit insurance. Subsidiaries of foreign banks controlled by foreign institutions. The banks of the 3rd category includes branches […]

Canadian banks in 2015

Banks play a key role in the financial system of Canada and the country’s economic development. In July 2005, the banking sector consisted of 19 domestic banks, 23 subsidiaries of foreign banks and 21 branches of foreign banks that operate in Canada. Together, these institutions manage assets worth more than $ 1.8 trillion. Banks owned more than 70% of all assets of the canadian financial sector, with the six largest domestic banks dispose of more than 90% of the assets […]

Ukraine, USA and Canada did not support the UN resolution on the fight against the glorification of Nazism –

sem40.gilraine, USA and Canada did not support the UN resolution on combating glorification нацизмаsem40.garety Committee of the UN General Assembly on Friday, November 21, adopted a resolution which calls on countries to take more effective measures against the glorification of Nazism and other forms of racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance. It is reported …

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